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Although it is meaningless and out of context but sometimes we all need sample text in MS Word document. People use random text in Microsoft Word to act as a placeholder for inserting more sensible text later on. This sample text is just used to fill and hold the space. Such dummy text is also useful to quickly give a demonstration of how something will look when proper text will be in place.

When sample random text is required, most people just press the random keys in quick succession to type illegible text. This however is not the smartest way to do the job. Let’s look at some better ways!

Insert Sample Text Using rand() Function of MS-Word

You can insert sample text anywhere in an MS-Word document by typing the following command in your document:

= rand()

As soon as you’ll type this and hit space or enter –three paragraphs of sample text (with four lines in each para) will appear in place of this command. You can even control the number of paragraphs to be inserted and number of lines in each paragraph. The syntax for this is:

= rand(paras, lines)

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